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  • "With faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains."

    Mustard Seed Plus is built to move mountains of files.

    You load a playlist and a list box is filled with the file locations parsed out.

    It works with iTunes .xml, .m3u and .txt

    You then select a folder you want to send them too (with a checkbox option of creating a directory with the same name as the playlist. The box needs to be checked first if you want that feature.)

    You then Copy or Move your files with the press of a button. A Delete button appears incase you just copied and decide you want to delete the old files that were in the playlist later.

    The last button on the interface is to open the folder where the files were copied to, it also creates List.txt of the files that were moved in that session, just outside the Playlist-named folder if you used that. Or inside the chosen folder if you didn't use the checkbox.

    You can spread the window out (or maximize) to see two other edit boxes that are used in the background, one for the initial loading of the file that is then parsed into the onscreen listbox. A third listbox is used for testing and only gets lines added if a file doesn't exist. Theres also a textbox offscreen that shows the parsing as it runs through the list.

    This currently doesn't check if a file is repeated, so if you come up short afterward thats most likely what copied, then copied right over the first copy. I'll fix this in a couple weeks, along with adding automation for keeping an eye on a folder of playlists and activating when something is changed.

  • The app will now check if a file already exists and will make a copy into subfolder if so, it shows you a tally of how many duplicates were made, a popup box tells you when this is happening and the name of the file. And theres a Clear button to empty out the list and edit boxes.

  • Wow, this program seems really good. I can definitely see myself using it next time I move some music around

    Any plans on expanding it to allow list making/file moving for general files or folders? Maybe even saving the list of what to move/where to move it for repetitive tasks? I could imagine such a feature being used for compiling programs, where it will move all the compiled data/executables/dll's and media files into a folder where the program can be run or put into a zip file for easy distribution.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this software =)

  • I do plan to extend it for making lists, was planning something involving using ID3 tags, but hadn't even thought of moving stuff for compiling. ....hmm, I think construct even has an object for working with zips.

    Any other suggestions are welcome as well.

    I found some other bugs involving the iTunes playlist, iTunes changes certain characters to their ..(is it unicode?) format, such as the pound symbol # being changed to %23. That one and a few others are fixed but I just tested it out and found some more, I can't change this code till later tonight since I'm not on my development pc.

    Thats something else I plan to look into once I get a better handle on python, writing in python and having construct import those scripts so that it could be updated from anywhere.

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  • Ok, new version up, same link.

    With the new version I can update text files that control what tags need to be removed, what unicode needs to be replaced, in the .xml parser without users having to download the executable again.

    Still need to add the ability to create lists and an update function.

  • the pound symbol #


    # is a hash symbol.

    ? is a pound symbol.

  • It depends on where you are in the world what you call them

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