Alien threat

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    Action - shooter, which takes place during an attack by aliens on planet earth. Hordes of people turned into zombies attacks the survivors. Alien infantry is cleaning the area, and suppresses resistance in humans. Well, we have a unique role to address the steep inflated guy with a gun, which will be fun to shoot everything that is not from our planet by leaving them a heap of meat and a sea of blood.


    Esc - exit

    F 1 - windowed mode

    F2 - Full Screen

    W, A, S, D - Movement

    R - charge

    LMB - shoot

    Mouse - aim

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    Download 7.5

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  • pretty fun game you got going on here, I like the art style its cartoony and cool.

    The gameplay would have benefited from maybe some powerups,new guns, health packs, and other various pickups. Also the levels that scroll horizontally feel a lot more normal than the levels where you have to fight enemies above and below you.

    I love the different types of enemies tho, the dog breathing fire totally caught me off guard t he first time and destroyed me

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