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  • Very nice, tidy little engine :) Feels solid, can see it being really useful! Will download that colour plugin and have a look at the cap tomorrow to see how it all works :)

  • Hi, sorry for the inconvenience but could you help me beacuse i'm doing a rpg game with counstruct 2 but i have some difficulties please

  • Depends on what you need help with. I'm not about to join any teams to make games, but if you've got a couple questions on how I did some things feel free to ask and I'll try to answer as best I can.

  • well first i need to know a few things like how you display the movement animation i got some sprites to use but i have some problems with the logic i think

  • Hm... well, that's a more general tutorial request. I'd rather keep this thread about specific aspects of this ARPG engine rather than make it a general how-to.

    You would be better off asking for help here in the proper forum, anyway:

  • Hi! I've been looking everywhere for some examples of RPGs in Construct 2 and now that I finally found this post, to my dismay the links are dead!

    Is there any way of anyone re-uploading these? Pretty please?

  • Unfortunately I no longer have the old version the post was originally about, as I decided to rewrite in a more streamlined and sensible fashion after having learned more about Construct.

    I have the heavily WIP rewrite, which contains only a few of the features from the old game, but also possibilities for much more. It's quite buggy, but the basics are there, with a system allowing for NPC battles, allies, faction relationships, etc... It might spur some ideas for you.

    I've put them in a RAR file with the documents I used to keep track of data and formulas and uploaded it to Dropbox.

    Action RPG Demo WIP

    Switching maps is broken, sometimes the AI hang when they go into combat with each other. You can't attack yet, but that's because the animations aren't done or enabled. The enemy can attack you though, and the mechanics are in place to attack him as well. Rudimentary ally stuff, dialogue, etc... It's also not very well commented, just commented enough for me to know where I was in my code, but not really meant as a tutorial. It's very very incomplete compared to my last iteration of the engine, but with the benefit of potentially greater flexibility.

    I won't be working on this for a long while, as I'm currently developing another game in Construct 2 that's coming along far better and more quickly, as developing an RPG requires a lot of planning. I do wish you luck in your endeavors though and hope you find some use out of my little WIP engine!

    Good luck!

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  • I am very interested in nethack games.

  • Hi im very intrested in this, atleast seeing the code ! Links dead if you can post another thatd be great. Thanks :]

  • please reupload

  • I got rid of it awhile back, sorry. I'm also working exclusively with Construct 2 now. I'm almost ready to show off an Action RPG demo for that soon enough.

    As for this, the only thing I had left was some shoddy groundwork. The original demo I had put up is gone gone gone...

  • can u plz reupload

  • Can anyone reupload this by any chance?

  • Can anyone reupload this by any chance?

    Check this thread.

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