Screenshot Plugin: v0.2a Update

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  • Well, how does the AppPath thing in Construct work? I would take a look at that and try to... er, copy it .

    I already know how to get the AppPath (Call GetModuleFileName to obtain full path to currently running .exe and then strip off the file name with a strchr()). That way I could always save the file in the same directory as the executable.

    What confuses me is when I run Noga's game on my computer it works correctly (saves the screenshot in the same directory as the .exe). But when I build a .exe myself it saves the screenshot to a working directory). That part doesn't make any sense...but I'll implement what I believe will fix it.

    I should add option to pick save location as well.

    Edit: Ok, fixed the bug...I think. I have the picking size of the BMP on my TODO-list.

    New version:

  • thanks for the plugin

  • Were Does This Plugin Save THE IMAGE!!

    Bec you can't set a path to save the image!


  • Hi,

    It saves the image to the same path as the executable. If you export the .exe it saves it to the same directory.

    If you are just previewing it saves it to the preview directory (you have to enable viewing hidden files and folders as appdata is hidden by default)...something like:

    Users\scidave\appdata\local or roaming\scirra\...

    I do plan to add function to set save path..just too busy.

  • Would be incredibly handy if you could set the path to save from runtime. Don't understand why it would be too hard.

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  • It isn't hard at all..just been super busy and haven't been doing plugin dev for a little while. Actually trying to finish up a game for the space compo right now. :-)

  • Is there any chance you will be able to spill the source code as I've managed to make quite a useful application with this , but people are asking if it can be made to support dual screens or different quality saves. I'm not really much of a coder but I'd love to see if I could have a dabble and see what I can do with what you already have.

    I've also encountered some bugs , for example when the screenshots get to roughly about 50 , some start to become completely black.


    after more vigorous testing , it seems it starts to go black at exactly 42 frames. Might want to check some variables , as my timelapse program is completely useless if it dies after 42 screenshots.

  • Instant - I'll shoot you a PM tonight. It isn't too complex source so you may be able to add to it.

    I might be able to make updates this weekend.

  • Folks... decided to just post source to screenshot plugin here as I don't think I'll have time to work on this for next few months. It is not polished for release so there is probably all sorts of nasty programming practices. If you do make any updates/fixes..please post updated plugin and sources!

  • can you upload it in an other uploader?

  • Nice plugin! Is this still being developed? If so, is there a way to change the output file name besides renaming it manually once it's in the folder?

  • Thanks MrMiller! No, I'm not actively developing it at the moment. It wouldn't be that hard of a change for somebody that knows C/C++. Probably 15-20 lines of code. I've posted the source code for anybody interested in continuing it.

    Feel free to add any suggestions for updates though..and in the off chance I do decide to update the plugin I'll add those first.

  • I can't get the plugin to work and feel kinda stupid about it because I got other plugins to work, so perhaps I just have a brainfart...

    I did as told, put the Screenshot.csx file into the plugins directory.

    But I am not sure what to do with the other 'Screenshot.csx' from the Runtime folder. The readme says in the Scirra runtime directory but I don't find it at all. And I kind of really need this for my project, any help would be appreciated!

  • I would guess you are using a Construct Classic plug for Construct 2.

  • Ooohhh.... Oops.... That happens if you don't look what google threw at you. Good news anyway: I managed to solve the issue with the canvas snapshot function by reducing the size of my canvas temporarily, take the snapshot and then return to normal size again

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