[PLUGIN] Multi-Use Story Engine (Introduction)

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  • Will this let us load custom syllable set ini files or will they all be built into the plugin?

    If they are all stored in the plugin maybe you could also have a lite version or something which just loads them for ini or a text etc instead, that would be quite useful and also good if you just wanted to make something simple.

  • Moving a bit slower with this one, some real life stuff going on. Right now I am working on the advanced word generator. It is an expression that accepts a rule to create a word from word "pieces". Not syllables but smaller parts.

    For a good idea how this will work check out the advanced interface on the site I got the idea from: http://www.rinkworks.com/namegen/

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  • This is juuuust about done. I just have one kink to work out, and the release of Terraria set me back a day.

  • Yes, awesome game. Something that coulda been made in Construct.

  • Nice i can't wait to test this

    By the way what is Terraria, is that a new game you have made?

  • Nice i can't wait to test this

    By the way what is Terraria, is that a new game you have made?


    looks like a 2d minecraft type thing

  • By the way what is Terraria, is that a new game you have made?

    It's an indie game based loosely on MineCraft, but has so much more, even though it is in 2D.

    It sold over 50,000 copies on it's first day when released on Steam last week, and it's great fun.

    A lot of people compare it to MineCraft, but it doesn't do it justice.

    It has a lot more crafting, for instance, and in that respect alone, it has more in common with Dwarf Fortress.

    Take a look at some of the videos on YouTube (TheOriginalKrush is the pick of the lot, hehe, ahem).

    But enough about that.

    Where's this plugin ars?


  • I am appending this message at the end of all of my threads. A recent discussion with a friend has led me to a conclusion.

    Many of you know that my girlfriend went through a very rare form of cancer this year. One which only manifests in 1% of cancer patients, and is four times more likely to kill you. She survived it somehow, but recently the treatment center she was treated at has lost some rooms. If it weren't for that treatment center, she'd be dead right now. We are getting married in two weeks.

    A combination of things, including my readings into Buddhism, and my discussion with this friend, has led me to the conclusion that any further donations to any of my plugins are going directly to cancer charities.

    Most of you have noticed a few patches recently, and that will continue. I'm patching up the plugins I released this year, and then I'm releasing MUSE. After MUSE I am going to develop a toolkit cap designed to help people make roguelikes much easier, by utilizing all my plugins, as well as helper functions and examples. You can also bet your ass that I'm going to port all of my plugins to Construct 2 when it gets an OpenGL runtime.

    So your donations will encourage this further development, and assist in cancer research. Right now the link to donate isn't in this thread, but it is in the threads for GridTree and Noise. There will be one here when MUSE releases. That is all I have to say.

  • Hi to all member, i am new user over here.

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