[PLUGIN] GridTree (0.2)

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  • Im wondering how to implement multiple grids below the root grid (top level). Ok lets say you have your beggining root grid on top that represents a world map (default depth 0?). Now lets say we wanted towns as a grid to enter. Also dungeons, gates to other worlds, random chest, etc.

    So my question is would it look something like this?:

    root grid (world map or whatever you want to call it)- depth 0 (default?)

    towns- depth 1

    dungeons- depth 2

    planar gate- depth 3

    chest- depth 4

    house- depth 5

    etc.- depth 6 and so on...

    ...even though these some of these grids are connecting on the same depth 0 root grid, some may have entries or connections to other grids. Like chests in dungeons, houses in towns, etc.

    Or would they looks something like this?:

    root grid- depth 0

    towns- depth 1

    dungeons- depth 1-50

    planar gate- depth 1

    chest- depth 1

    house- depth 1

    etc.- depth 1- (how ever many 'levels' that grid will have)

    I hope what Im trying to ask makes sense. Basically does each grid have to have a unique depth or can they share depths, but have separate areas.

  • Also have a question about grid size.

    If if have a grid size of 4, does this mean that grid only has 4 entries to other grids?

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  • Well it'd be 4^2, so 16 entries. In the next version I'm going to implement one dimensional grids, and unique grids that only have one point.

    One dimensional grids would be useful for stuff like a list of NPCs, or the planets of a solar system. Unique grids would be like a unique dungeon or very rare items.

  • is there any release for construct 2 ? this would fit all my problems :D

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