Trouble with pseudo Z axis

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  • First of all, thanks heaps for still trying to help

    It's a great idea too, actually kinda similar to what i had but alas, it's still not working

    Most likely because i'm not using a cell type system, i'm using Y coordinates and my Z height is another set of pixels, although i suppose the principle is the same.

    In any case, i really think that ordering by multiple criteria, similar to the way databases work, would be the answer

    Unless there's something i'm doing wrong


  • Oh well

    I got excited there for a second though.

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  • Yeah same


    Or at least try it out and see if it works before adding it, i really think it would be a good idea, i'm sure there's plenty of situations where this would be really handy, especially since people will want to use construct for making isometric games, and i believe this fixes one of the main problems for iso Z sorting in ONE event

  • Ok, after a bit of thinking about that cell type system, i realised my current sorting was only half the equation

    i was doing this:

    For each Layers ordered by Layers.Y + Layers.Value('ZHeightBottom')

    Which, in a cell based setup, does the first half of the equation, finding where the object is on the row. BUT if you only have this, it treats everything as though there's only ONE row. So i expanded on it and did this:

    For each Layers ordered by (Layers.Y + Layers.Value('ZHeightBottom')) + Layers.Value('ZHeightBottom')

    EDIT: Although come to think of it, that's essentially the same as the solution that David gave me earlier

    This now tells the game where on the 'row' it is, but then also which row it is on!

    Now it's working a lot better!! But i still have a few bugs, i'll upload a cap.

    Try standing at the base of the tower and jumping, also try standing behind a big box and jumping

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