timers crash game?

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  • Idk i use alot of timers in my Ghost Shooter mod. I was bored and when i wanted to learn about construct i started playing with ghost shooter. At first i started working with it i started adding turrets which took timers, added a reload system which took timers, added co-op with xbox controller which ment they had to have a timer for reloading and what not. Crashing never started happening with the turrets just all of a sudden after having alot on there it started to crash. So i removed those and worked on other things like co-op then if there both firing and collisions are taking place with bullets then it crashes randomly.

    Is it the timers? idk what the problem is. Im using the new Construct is there any known stable release i could go back to and mess with that probably would not have these issues?

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  • check your game in the debug mode, and check to see if there is not some number goiing crazy in value, global and private , you should always have a reset counter event.

    but i also had crashes with has to do with collision per pixel i think, so i try not to use it, until hopefully a better version arrives

  • There's a bug where if you start a new timer in a timer trigger event the game will crash. Are you doing that anywhere?

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