Tile-based RPG possible yet?

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  • Construct *is* for making specific types of games extremely easy to create... or at least prototype.

    The program by itself and the default plugins/behaviors aren't for this. Any specialised plugin/behavior however can be made to make tasks easier. They're alot of effort, so you should hire someone for custom solutions if you want them badly.

  • Construct *is* for making specific types of games extremely easy to create... or at least prototype.

    As deadeye said some games are easier to create than other because of the plugins and behaviors but there is still alot of work to be done out side of the plugins.

    With the addition of global objects (not sure when they were added, but I asked for them a long time ago),

    Objects have had the ability to be global since I joined, they are useful for certain things but they dont work in the same way you think they would

    2. Orbit object behavior.

    Easily make objects orbit other objects. This is not an absurd request. It's easily coded in an object-oriented environment, and it would be extremely helpful in the case of arcade shooters.

    ummm if its so easy just download the SDK and program it yourself. construct is open source so the great thing about it is that you can add what you think it needs or what you want it to have.

    1. Tile grids. (That's what I'd use most.)

    In RPG Maker and Game Maker you can use a tiles sheet or tileset or whatever a large image containing tiles is called. You'd think something like Construct would have a similar feature.

    Im pretty sure that there is an ability to import a tile set somewhere as arcticus said. Also you can make a level editor easily enough and if you dont feel up to making one then you can wait till I get my the one Im planning on making out.

  • Can someone make that more explicit, please? How does one actually access this feature? I have been searching and looking through the documentation and such, but I can't find any kind of "tileset import." It would be a real time saver.

    Is this separate from the animation frames import?

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  • The tileset editor IS the animation frames import screen

    Just set the tile Width and Height and click the cut into tiles box

    bingo tiles

  • how do you import tilesets? can you atleast show me some pictures?

  • To access the tileset import options, start by adding a completely empty sprite (I'm not doing pictures right now as I have a killer migraine...), now go to the animator tab which is typically on the right hand side of the work area somewhere. Click on the empty frame with the number '1' underneath it and click on 'import'

    You are then given a file browser to choose what you want to import. You can use this to either import many images (for example, a sequence of images), or you can use it to import a tileset image (or both if your heart desires)

    Once you have selected the image(s) you want, press enter/ok and this fancy little import window will appear (give it some time, with many images/large images it has to load)

    On this window are all the options you need to split an image into tiles and stuff. You'll have to play around with it yourself as I haven't done it in months and like I said earlier, I have a whopper migraine...

    I hope that was of some help

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