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  • when you want to test the game on another comp without construct you can export to EXE right? you dont need to add anything else with the EXE do you?

  • Well thats the whole sense of exporting to EXE

  • well your right there, but when my friend tries to run the exe on his comp he gets this error:

    Am I missing something?

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  • I can think of two reasons this may happen..

    The first is that your friend doesn't have a required VC runtime (version 6, version 2005).

    The second is that one of the plugins was compiled in debug mode; list all the plugins you use in this application and we can check..

  • I have a friend who's getting the same error. I've been trying to find out what one it is, too. She can run a blank exported .exe, but if I take out everything from the .cap except the sprites, it still crashed. Does construct continue to include the plugins even if the objects have been deleted?

    So far, it's one of these:

    sprite (doubtful - I played another game on her comp with sprites and it worked)





    Pivel shaders:




    color filter

    bullet movement

    I think that's everything.

    Edit: I exported the .cap after deleting everything from it, and it's substantially larger than the other .caps I exported (the ones that are blank except for a box, etc). It would seem that plugins are left in the .cap.

  • Err... hmm. I sent her a few new .exes... and after deleting everything in the .cap and resending it, it works.

    I also sent one blank except for a box and the other with a canvas, both gave the error.

    Edit: Tried a few more:

    blank with sprite crashes

    blank with gradient crashes

    blank with mousekeyboard does not crash

  • well I used sprite, the new xaudio 2, text object, mouse and keyboard, is there a way to see a list of the plugins used? then maybe I can be more accurate

  • I think it's XAudio2 causing the error. If they update to the latest version of DirectX, it should fix it. Let me know if it works.

  • well just yesterday he updated to direct x and he got the exe and it didnt work again thats the error he got. is there another new update right now?

  • There was update this August.

  • She was getting the error before I started using the new Xaudio2 (Didn't use it until .976).

  • I have actually run into this error. It seemed to be triggered when I tried to run the game with the fullscreen function enabled, either by command or in the properties menu. Try making it in another resolution and see if it works.

  • My tests weren't in fullscreen. All the .exes were at 640x480.

  • same here, 640x480 windows

  • This error would not be caused by the fullscreen setting. It's caused by one specific plugin. It would be really helpful if you could find out which plugin is causing it, otherwise it's really hard to do anything about it.

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