TDS Intellect Hlp Plz

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  • All greetings. There was a problem in TDS genre mob's go only on the character, tried to insert a code from AIM Ai Tutorial " linearaim (Gun. X, Gun. Y, 500, Player. X, Player. Y, Player [8Direction] .Speed, Player. Angle) " but it well would approach for tourets. If at whom is CAP a file with intelect at level Crimsonland share

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  • And this, my friends, is why translators suck.

    Sorry Camas, your post is pretty much illegible. I know it has something to do with Ai and linear aim, but i just can't comprehend.

  • It AI is. Need Moving like a fractal, random or somthen is. To surround Player.

  • Sorry Can't really understand but you should learn english it's the world language

  • That's not helpful at all, Sagal.

    Camas, can you post an example or somthing so we can understand what you're trying to do?

  • What i think he wants is to implement AI movement so it would work like "Predictive Aiming" so enemies wont follow him but go where they see he's going.

    Like in this picture, on the left simple "Move to Player" on right "Move to Players Destination".

    <img src="">

  • yea Doppel you right! But how i can create it?

  • <img src="">

  • Deadeye

    Yep thats my problem im not kind enough and well I was a bit pissed off when I wrote it cuz some stuff that happened outside Scirra. And to me that text didn't make sense at all.


    Seagull out

  • <img src="">

    Lucid he does not mean SHOOTING but FOLLOWING player's destination...

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