Stacked solid objects with Platform behaviour shoot upwards

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  • I'm taking another stab at this "getting help on the forum" thing, since my last attempt went rather well.

    My problem with the Match-3 game now is getting the items in the grid to behave properly after matched item groups disappear. I decided to set all the grid items to Solid with Platform behaviour; that way I figure it they should stack nicely on top of one another, and when any items disappear the ones above should fall down to fill in the gaps. Problem is, a lot of the time the items above the ones that disappeared shoot off somewhere. Sometimes they come to rest on a platform above, but a lot of the time they just disappear into never-never land. I'm guessing there's either a bug in the collision system or something I haven't accounted for.

    Could someone please have a look at my cap and tell me if there's something obvious I'm doing wrong? As of right now, only horizontal groups of 3 or more disappear, and you have to click on them first. If you run out of horizontal groups to click, pressing the 'r' key will reset the board.

    If I can't figure this out, I'll probably just slap together some events to make individual grid item sprites slide down if there's empty space underneath. I was just hoping to use the Platform behaviour because it looks pretty slick and it's (theoretically) less effort for me.

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  • im unable to look at your cap, and you may not have this issue any longer, but if the platform behavior is buggy, your last solution seems like a decent option and shouldnt take long. it shouldnt cause any problems as long as you set your events right and use a proper disabling method for each state, like when falling.

  • this post was from june

  • why did you reply to such a random old thread?

  • he got ignored and i think he needed some help. age doesn't matter if the program hasnt changed much in that time and the user might still need your help. this is about helping. few months isn't really that old to me but i get what you mean. tho theres some posts from 10+ months ago that are still relevent would be nice if there were answered. anyway i dont want to be distraction because its opposite effect of the reason i posted

  • Hey, thanks for replying, even after so long. I'm still having the problem, but that's only because I abandoned that attempt at a game a while after encountering the problem. I put in a couple bugs into the Sourceforge database first, though, and as far as I know they're still open and unresolved.

    At this point I'm just waiting for the 1.0 release of Construct. In the meantime I actually have a job at a game studio, so my "working on games" urges have plenty of outlet for now.

  • Congrats on your job

    Just by the way - you can move objects manually, if there is no block or wall beneath them, they'd move down until they hit an obstacle. That's basically "if not overlapping block/wall down south, move down by 10*TimeDelta pixels". Don't forget to fix their position to the neat number when they ram into wall/block.

  • i stand corrected

    lets just revive all the dead threads,

    itll be one big happy zombie apocalypse

    just kidding

    just not the ones that have already been solved

  • [quote:1e3ku94p]ok im a dev and here are the rules

    [quote:1e3ku94p]dont post reply after 2 months

    [quote:1e3ku94p]dont post in resolved

    well there we have it. btw that was a sum of pm i got for this blunder. i just feel sorry 4 the new users that vanish because they get ignored.

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