SpriteFont Comma Quirk?

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  • So I came across a discovery about five minutes ago. When using the normal Text object, setting the text to this:

    "Hey there, Max!"

    prints out this:

    "Hey there, Max!"

    Astute observation on my part, eh? <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> However, I love SpriteFont, because it's incredible. Absolutely incredible. But I've happened upon an interesting curiosity...

    "Hey there, Max!"

    prints out

    "Hey there,


    Upon further investigation, I've found that using a comma seems to automatically put a newline afterwards.

    "This is t,he mes,sage system!"

    prints out

    "This is t,

    he mes,

    sage system!"

    How frustrating. Did I accidentally switch on some sort of option, is it working as intended, or is it just another little bug? I know it's got some, though I've managed to work around pretty much all of them so far. Just wondering if I should just use a different character to represent comma instead.

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  • "Word Wrap" & "Confine text to bounding box" are some settings that come to mind.

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