Sprite Angle Offset?

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  • So, I'm having an issue with a sprite. Basically I have an enemy (a turret) that pivots and aims towards the player and shoots a bullet. This is easy enough, and not my issue. My issue is the sprite graphic itself. It doesn't face the player properly but still shoots a bullet in the right direction.

    Here's an image to explain my issue:

    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/106c6bq.png">

    See that red spacecraft? It's supposed to be looking at the player, not facing in the direction it is currently. Any ideas?

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  • Hi. If you're using simple turret behavior and not some custom routines, I'd have to say that you must have drawn the sprite facing the wrong direction. By default, Construct expects right-facing on sprites. That is set to zero degrees.

    With the sprite selected, if you click on the 'Animator' tab in the lower left, it will show that angle.

  • Ah, yeah. Setting the sprite to face rightwards in Photoshop and editing back into the game worked perfectly. Thanks!

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