Spawning sprites with no width or height as default?

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  • If i'm correct, the default behavior of the 'System::Create" action is to spawn a sprite with its original dimensions. I dont know how, but somehow i messed up my .cap file to where it spawns the sprite for my bullet with a default width and height of 0. I have toggled every event that pertains to the bullet sprite, I have replaced the event creating the bullet with one that spawns it (redundant action btw?), and unless I set the width and height, they are always zero.

    And, before someone suggests that I simply set the widths and heights myself, understand that it doesn't solve the issue: they are not supposed to spawn with a width/height of zero.

    Heres a semi-stripped down cap: report.cap

    Press V to shoot - the debugger shows the bullets there, they just are invisible.

    The weirdest thing about this bug is that it was gradual - at first only a few bullets here and there wouldnt appear, and now none do.

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  • Seems like the wrong cap?

    This one has just a sprite in there with a single physics-related event. And it crashes the preview instantly?

  • Whoops, that was from an earlier bug report I made

    The file (and the link to it) is correct now.

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