[SOLVED]musics not playing while in construct

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  • Some anti-virus suites allow to control the way applications may interact with files, folders or other programs. This is mostly a half-automated process, meaning that when installing some app like Construct a window of your av pops up, but if you ignore it, the standard protective mechanism applies.

    Also, Windows limits applications when they weren't installed with administrator rights.

  • But my antivirus was always here and Construct in the beginning played musics/sounds while testing, something changed a while ago.. I supose it's something doing conflict with Construct

  • Reinstalled the whole construct but still nothing... maybe is something from direct X? mine's Direct x 11

  • DX9 needed, it's different dxs

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  • DX9 needed, it's different dxs

    Oh.. Can I install DX9 while using DX11?

    but isn't strange after compiled the game it plays all the musics and sounds correctly while I'm using DX11 and while testing it in construct with .cap file it doesn't play ?

  • First: Sorry for my bad english... OK. I have the problem with not playing music, too. On Wiki and the tutorials the example of input path is very irritation for beginners. When you have add a musicfile in the Order (music) in Project-Window (right side) of construct you can see the complete file-path at the left window (Properties) when you click on the mp3 that you have add in Project-Window. click on path and use STRG + c for copy this and then strg + v in the event sheet editor: (((Play music AppPath & "HERE STRG + V"))) then it play the mp3

  • Yea i managed to make the musics play again, it wasn't nothing related from construct.. it's all fine now

  • I upgraded my account from version 252 to 257, but when I went to test some projects, they were bugged and everything messed up ... What was really changed in this version?

  • Hi i have problem with the sound . it work good when i run the layout sounds work fine but when i uploud to the internet all /the sounds doesnt work just after moving the focus to other window and coming back to the window of the game the sounds work fine . why is that happen i need the sound to play at the beginning ?

    can someone help ?

  • jhowarrior and

    This is a 7 year old thread for the now very old and retired Construct Classic. I highly doubt you intended to post Construct 2 or 3 questions here.

    Please be aware when making posts of which forum section you need to be in.


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