Simulating snow with particles.

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  • Is it possible to have the particle object emit from a line rather than a single point? I want the resulting effect to look like flakes coming from the side of the screen going all the way across.

    I tried rendering a png sequence of particles in 3ds max that occupies the entire screen but its a little too heavy memory wise and i would rather avoid it if possible.

    Any ideas?

  • Sure, set your emitter's spray cone to 180 and the Y randomiser to the height of your screen. Place the emitter just off the screen in the centre. Be sure to set the particle life timeout enough to make its way across the screen

    Example capx

    Just a warning, from another 3D Max user: don't expect much control in terms of the particle systems. You can't spin or manipulate the sprites themselves in much other than size and opacity (obviously speed and so on as well, from the emitter).

    I suggest that you render a few quick animations of spinning snowflakes and use create a sprite sheet for each. Then use multiple particle emitters, each with a different sprite sheet, to create some variety.

    EDIT: Damn, wait. I just realised that you can't use animated images for particles. So scratch that idea altogether :(

    EDIT 2: Again, damn. I just saw now that this is Construct Classic. My apologies. I've got no idea if my first suggestion will work, if those options are even there. The capx certainly won't work :P

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  • Worked like a charm <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Thanks buddy! I had set the cone angle to 180 but without setting the y randomness so high to equal the screen height and it looked like crap. All good now. I still have to put the emitter pretty far off so that i don�t get random particles going to steep up or down. It looks a lot more chaotic closer to the emitter but that�s not an issue. Thanks again!

  • Woo, accidental help ftw \o/

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