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  • Hi,

    Just trying to learn Construct using Crazie Robbie tutorial. My screen transitions menu is blank. If I load the Crazie Robbie v2 tutorial file, I see the 2 that it uses. However, if I follow tutorial or start with a new file none appear.

    Construct 1 r2 (latest)

    Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)

    8 GB RAM

    NVidia 1GB 4870 Gfx Card

    Latest Direct X

    Done a search in the forum for "Missing Transitions" but didnt find anything. Also tried re-installing. Is there a fix for this?



  • Screen transitions seem to screw up everything, I had to remove them from my game to get it to work

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  • My pull-down menu with them is blank??? Its not that important, was just wanding if it was common.

  • Ohh, that might be because you have to add them to your project first or something along those lines. I forget how to do that at the moment but I'll have a look later for you.

  • Jayjay is correct. This info is on the wiki here: ... ransitions

    Granted, that particular section isn't very in-depth, but it does state that you need to add transitions in the layout properties before you can use them.

    Moved thread to Help/Tech

  • Also, transitions have been known to be a bit buggy in the past. I am not entirely sure if they have ever been improved, I personally haven't used them in years. It's relatively easy to make your own transitions anyway, especially if it is something as simple as fade to or from black. Just put a black Tiled Background on the top layer and change it's opacity.

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