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  • Hi,

    I had a question about Construct Classic. I've been working on various projects on and off in the past few months, and relatively recently I've run into a recurring problem. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. Sometimes it even seems to fix itself the next time I open Construct, and then it occurs again.

    I'll open a project (any project) in Construct Classic. I can run the project or layout once, and it works just fine. It's always the second time I run it (same instance of Construct) that it proclaims:

         Runtime Error

         Invalid image handle referenced in layout (Davo's fault).

    Subsequent runs results in the same error. It's strange. The only remedy I have found (sort of) is to close Construct and open a new instance of it. The second run will always result in an error though. I can even make changes to the project, get the error, then save and close, reopen, and it works fine...on the first run only.

    I've also uninstalled and reinstalled Construct a few times to try and solve it; this seems to work for about a month or so, and then I start getting the error again. I've been wondering whether its a problem with DirectX 9, and whether I should reinstall that too? Problem is, this error has occurred on multiple computers, so I guess that would be unlikely to fix it.

    This is getting rather frustrating and I was wondering if anyone had any insight?



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