No RTS pathfinding for 50x50?

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  • Seems like something that might've been asked before but my searches haven't brought up anything, so... Why does the RTS behavior pathfinding cell size make the jump from 40x40 to 60x60 without anything in between? Or is there some way to adjust this manually that I've missed? Currently 40x40 is a little small for me and my object can sometimes get caught on scenery going around turns, whereas 60x60 is too big and it goes through unnecessary loops to get around obstacles. Granted, currently I'm only using boxes as solid obstacles so this problem might not be as glaring with more "organic" shapes. Nevertheless, felt like I'd ask...

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  • Not sure, I would guess its a division by 2 thing. Aside from that have you thought about using a dummy detector?

  • I was thinking about dummies, but figured I'd ask first just in case. Dummies sound like the best option either way, though, so I'll probably end up using them anyway.

    Tanks for the reply~

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