rotating everything 90 degrees

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  • Hi all.

    Im working on a vertically scrolling shooter, and its customary for these types of game to have narrow aspect ratio with a normal monitor setup and a fullscreen rotated mode for a vertically rotated monitors .

    I thought I had it figured out instantly with the system : set display angle function, but for some reason my layer that I use for my score overlay etc doesn't rotate, and also tiled background objects that have offset scrolling images within them don't rotate either.

    I assume my score layer doesn't rotate because it doesn't scroll.. Although I could be wrong..

    Can anyone explain what might be wrong , or if there is a better method to do this? possibly rendering the entire game to a plane and then rotating that? or is the whole rotation thing filled with too many potential problems with other functions to even think about it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I did something like this in the past, you do not have to rotate elements that don't have to (the hud do not have to rotate for exemple, same for the score). In C, the score looks good, but not the action, so rotate the action, but not the score.

    so either you rotate only the layer that needs to become horizontal, or you rotate the entire layout of 90 degrees, but rerotate the score layer to correct this.

    I assume this works the same in CC as in C2, so the way to do it may be slightly different (as this is in the CC subforum)

  • thanks for your response! - to be clear, I actually want to rotate it like it is on the example images. Everything including the score , background etc..

  • Unbounded scrolling needs to be ticked it seems, but that is definitely not an easy thing to do, maybe some of the C2 tutorials on changing aspect ratio can be done similarly in Construct Classic (eg: portrait to landscape on mobile phone code)?

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  • Thanks all, I think I have it figured out but each seperate resolution needs to be scaled and panned.... I can deal with that

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