Retrieving the force currently applied upon an object

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  • I was planning to have objects that are destroyed if a certain amount of force is applied upon then. For example, rocks that survive if they suffer an weak collision, but are destroyed in a strong collision. However, I did not find a way to retrieve this information. On the list of variables I can retrieve from the physics behavior, I did not find this nor linear velocity (I did find linear velocity, but only divided in the X and Y components). So, my questions are...

    Does Construct provide this information in the same easy way as it does other variables? If no...

    Since Construct does not provide this information in an easy way, is it possible to retrieve it in any way, such as using an custom expression? If yes... (Note: With custom expression I mean something like: "angle between points: angle(Ball.X, Ball.Y, Target.X, Target.Y)". I wanted an object with ball behavior to be able to "heatseek" enemies then close to then so I used this expression to tell him wich way it should try to set its angle in order to heatseek)

    Does anyone have an idea/know how to do it?

    Thank you in advance for your help/interest.

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