[Retitled] Amalgam of vaguely related questions.

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  • I think whats happening is the color picker has to read from the gpu, so it will take a tick to get the color, so getting the color within the same event just wont work.

    My solution, use a function.


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  • Thank you very much, Newt. That has entirely solved both the "Cancel" problem and the single cycle delay when using the "OK" condition.

    It has, however, created a different issue, wherein picking the color in the second box will also change the color in the first box. I can see exactly why. The condition of the Toggle private variable from the other is still true when the second box is also color picked, so it recolors both.

    That one I can probably smash my head into until the solution clicks. It's always facepalmingly simple when I figure it out. Makes me feel like such a dunce sometimes.

    Again, thank you for introducing me to the function there. It's got things on the right track! For now, it's late, so I'll putter with it tomorrow.

  • Well, the fix was indeed simple. I hadn't had the opportunity to work on it for a few days, but when I got to it this morning it took all of about five minutes to put it in. It could actually probably be trimmed down at this point, as I think it may have gotten slightly redundant. Ultimately, it works now, though. Everything else is gravy.

    Here's the properly working color picker boxes for anyone interested. Thanks again to Newt, Tulamide, Tokinsom, Scidave, and Sully for help in this little endeavor. The solution in the colorpicker CAP can now be implemented into the profiler.

    The profiler's not worth posting yet, but if it develops into a more generally useful tool, it may get posted in the future. :]


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