Raw mechanics structuring help! (Cap included)

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  • Greeting, fellow C2/CC users. Been meddling and getting to know C2 and CC for a few weeks and decided to start getting my hands dirty. Got a good, fresh idea going for a game concept and started tackling learning how to build mechanics first. Bit by bit i'm working my way up the sidescrolling RPG game dev ladder and will primarly focus on that type of mechanics (collecting quests, dialogues, NPCs, etc)

    I started a mockup which features a few seconds situation in which an NPC approaches the player, dialogue is triggered, then the NPC exits the layout. I think things can be worked with and organized much much more and with the right type of actions, functions and events. I'm working with construct reading things here and there, doing things a bit intuitively but i want to be led the right way of doing things before moving on forward, testing, building, and going up the ladder. I really don't want to develop bad habbits, would love to learn how to manage things efficiently before continuing.

    So i come here..oh great wise users of the Construct...aid me on my quest, lend me your knowledge


    The Noob Cap!


    (and the advance cam plugin used ;)

    scirra.com/forum/advanced-camera-plugin-updated-09-21-v093b_topic38357.html )

    Thread music: youtube.com/watch

  • hi!

    sorry im not a great or wise user and frankly, i have never even used any kind of dialog in my games so far. but i checked your .cap and i thought i could atleast give a small hint:

    use event groups. not sure if theres any glaring bugs involved with them, but i havent run into any myself. they help you keep the event list tidy and well organized. also helps with pinpointing problems if / WHEN you encounter one. also, commenting your events is pretty useful too, incase you forget how to do stuff and just helps you keep track of what does what. you can access those when you click right mouse button while you're on event sheet editor.

    sorry if this was pretty vague, but since im not an expert, i see no big issues with that .cap.it would probs be a ood idea to first make a "messy" game, no matter how broken and buggy. then just start from scratch,when you have some kind of an idea what lies ahead, you could probably make a more clean and more organized game after that. atleast thats how its been for me. every new .cap is cleaner and better performing than the last.

    i could say just download lots of examples and .caps lying around here, there's alot of neat tricks and tips in them. also, this section of the forums is a goldmine, when you eventually run into problems, so use the search function like there's no tomorrow!

    that's my two/three cents. just hang in there and try out stuff.

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  • thanks! started using event groups a day or so back and it is tons easier working with stuff.

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