What does "Control State" do under keyboard controls?

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  • I can't help but feel like this might be leading toward the possibility of user-customized controls, but what does "Set Control State" and "Get Control State" even supposed to DO? @

  • you could sort of have customized controls with that

    get control state, gives you the condition of a current control

    such as "fire", or "jump"

    it tells you the status of that control

    and set control allow you to set the state of a control as if there were a button or control pressed

    I made a custom controls plugin at one point

    but it was before the xbox360 plugin, so it only works with keyboard

    I was originally going to upgrade the plugin to take advantage of the new control system, and automatically work with built in behaviors, and the 360 pad, but I believe that david has plans to integrate custom controls into the official plugins

    but it is very simple to make it work with built in behaviors, and the latest reply to the topic explains how

    read the first part of the thread for a tutorial of how to use the plugin

    if you have any questions feel free to ask

    hope this is helpful:

    you can try the

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  • Oohh, neat. ^^ Someone had the same idea I had, and made a plugin for it. ^_^ Thanks. Would you recommend it though? You said yourself that the creators for Construct are just gonna try adding their own custom controls thing for players so that it can work with the XBox 360 controller and (hopefully) PC controllers in general.

  • it's very easy to use, and won't take alot of events if you decide to remove it later

    also, the custom controls was something David mentioned in chat as an idea they were putting on the table. it hasn't been officially announced, and I don't know of whether it's a sure thing, or how long until it would come out

    I would recommend it

    it can't hurt anything

    there's a good chance if there isn't a 360 controller custom thing

    in the next month I might be able to add it next month

  • I ask since almost the latest updates to Construct have pretty much broken my project and would be a pain in the ass to fix. ^^ I assume if I downloaded your plugin and they came out with their own user-customized controls, that it would be a pain in the ass to change as well. And seeing as how the new Construct download seems to have affected the old in such a way that I can't really work on my old project in old Construct anyway, I guess using your plugin can't hurt at all. ^_^

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