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  • I am trying to setup a boundary for puzzle objects, so if they are sent out of reach, they'll be destroyed, and new ones will be spawned at the original location.

    Here is a screen shot to help explain...

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/Y3TeN.jpg" border="0">

    so when a purple box goes outside of the faint green boundary area, it should get deleted, and then a new one gets created at the center-point of the boundary.

    every time I think I get it to work, the program spawns so many purple boxes that it crashes.

    anybody have an idea?

    here's a cap

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  • Unfortunately I don't have the plugin you use (Advanced Camera), could you put up a screenshot of the events, or copy them as text?

  • Hahaha, a blessing in disguise�I hadn't saved my faulty code, so when I went to rebuild the code and duplicate my buggy results, I must have changed something because I have it working now. I do need to take that plug-in out of my system folder though, I never use it and it always causes compatibility issues

    Thanks though JayJay

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