Platfroming Animation Problem

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  • Ok, so I saw a post that I think is related, but the solution used didn't work. Here is my problem:

    When I set the animations for "is walking" and "is on ground"(for not walking) everything is fine, the character walks left and right correctly. When I add "is jumping" I still have no problems. Now the tricky bit is adding "is falling." When I do this, and attempt to walk to the right the character skips between the 1st frame of the running animation and the falling animation. Walking left is no problem. I've tried a number of things to try and stop this from happening, but everything I try either breaks it further or just causes the same result. here is my CAP file: HERE

  • It changes quickly between walking and falling animations because on some of the frames of the walking animation you have a bit of transparent space below your sprite (namely frame 2 and 5). Since you're using the sprite itself for the collision with per pixel mode, it briefly starts to fall on these frames. Change the collision mode to bounding box for a quick test and you'll notice that the glitch is gone.

    I suggest you use a box shaped dummy sprite for the actual movement/collisions and just place the animated sprite on top of that. Or you could try the collision mask feature, but in my opinion the dummy method is still handier, especially for beginners.

  • See, i thought that was the reason, but I couldn't figure out why is only happened when moving to the right. Thanks for the help, I'll give those suggestions a try.

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  • YAY! It works! Thanks again for the help.

  • That was pretty astute there Pixel, I saw the hicup in animation but never thought that to be the issue. It's these lil things that are noteworthy so you don't spend a day beating yourself up


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