plat move

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  • ty for helping out

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  • Stupid is ok. If it was not, i woulda coulda shoulda retire.

    As i pointed to already. I am not interested in the Platform behavior yet. I barely know how to sync up the Ball behaviour with the events. So did not read whole this post very trough.

    I only downloaded the last .cap. And saw that it is, well to call the cow a cow, its BS.

    I hope that, besides all comments you would like to make about me and my style, i hope you

    understand how and why it is a crap .cap.

    And i felt like reacting strong, before some beginner takes it as example, and runs into problems that lead to giving up construct.

    The multiplayer side ? i think Ashley is assimilating this for some time already. It will be a total new, and consistent system. I doubt that anything implemented in construct at this point will be part of that system. Better hold your horses on that play field ? For now ?

    My guts say, we will be surprised about the next release.

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