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  • I think this is about the first time this has been addressed, at least in this detail, and its awesome.

    While we have your attention Ashley do you think C2 could be designed at least as far as the gui goes to show whats going on?

    For example, conditions, and actions get muddied up a bit when we start to think of it as an event, instead of its separate parts.

    If we could have a different numbering system, where all conditions, actions..."sub- conditions?", and "sub- actions" were given their own title, like:

    (1) condition| (1a) action

    -(1s1) sub condition| (1as1) sub action

    (2) condition| (2a) action

    -(2s1) sub condition| (2as1) sub action

    -(2s1) sub condition| (2as1) sub action

    --(2s2) sub condition| (2as2) sub action

    .......ehh ok that might be a bit much, but perhaps a graduated color scheme for subevents, and at least some kind of marker for the first top level event of each new event.

  • I know what its like to be ignored, but its worse to be misunderstood.


    What I still don't understand is why an object, that obviously exists, at the same time is not pickable. But I will keep my mouth shut

  • As a seasoned programmer I find it difficult to accept this kind of setup where, in a loop, you create multiple objects but you can only apply changes or reference the variables of the first one that is created until the next top-level event.

    This effectively means that we need to waste CPU cycles re-picking and reiterating over the collection just to get an "atomic" action done such as initializing a collection.. I know it's not really atomic but I think of that as a single conceptual unit of work in game development.

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  • Asmodeus Can you upload a capx or screenshot or otherwise describe what you want to do? Odds are it can be restructured to avoid this bug.

    Also, unless you're performing heavy logic inside your loop of creation, you'll probably find that GPU is where your game will bottleneck, rather than CPU usage.

    Construct Classic is based on C++, and the events perform much faster than the (optional) Python implementation (to give you an idea of the speed of cycles).

    Edit: Also, a whole sheet of events (or sheets if others are imported), will be run through to constitute one "tick" in the game.

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