If object not on screen, create when a certain thing happens

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  • I have a targeting box that needs to be destroyed when an enemy is destroyed, but then needs to be created again when I lock onto another enemy. I can't get it to create the new target box ONLY if there isn't one already on the screen. I tried "Invert Condition" with "Is Object on Screen?" but it didn't work. Right now, it will create a new box every time I lock onto an enemy, with the old box(es) moving to the newly locked on enemy or even creating more on the same enemy.

    Also, I want the box to be destroyed when the specific enemy it is following is destroyed, but if I use Object on Screen or Is Visible, it sees other enemies of the same type and won't destroy the box.

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  • when there's no object created there's no object to check against the is on screen condition.

    If you're creating and destroying, you should be counting instances.

    Try checking with targetbox.count<1

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