New user getting stumped with side-scroll (Self Resolved)

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  • Hi everyone, I am coming from the RM community and like the looks of this powerful engine, I just am having a bit of simplicity syndrome and cant seem to figure out how to make a scrolling background for a Gradius type side-shooter. Can anyone help me please?

    An example would be awesome, ive spent hours on the site and pouring over a few tuts but to no avail, I know there is a top-down tutorial I have read it but it does not yet have the portion that explains scrolling backgrounds!

    I'm getting really frustrated being trumped by something so simple... so any help is appreciated!



    p.s. To be more specific, the background I am seeking is where it moves independently of the player, like.. if the player isnt pressing anything it is still moving. (just like the Gradius games)


    Who knew I was gonna figure this out, i just opened the tut with the top down scroll and with some tinkering and a lot of trial and error figured it out. Here is the .cap for ANYONE else who runs into this problem.

    Working side-scroll engine

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  • You should use "Always" instead of "every 2 milliseconds". If your refresh rate is 60, event can only run once every 16,666... milliseconds. Using values smaller than that make no difference, except that they are unreliable. "Always" will just run every tick.

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