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  • Hi all, I'm new here as of yesterday. I came here after watching Carlos' Megaman X Engine youtube videos to learn how to make something similar for a remake project of the original game with longer and tougher levels. And while the tutorials and examples have been great. I'm using the newest version of Construct, and I think that some of the things that you used to be able to do to mimic the behavior of the original MMX engine, are simply not there anymore or just a lot different.

    I'm currently able to make X jump, run, and shoot his weapon and perform a strage dash manuever that he can continue indefinately... but I'm at a complete loss when it comes to making him wall-slide and wall-jump, or for that matter eve charge his weapon, because variables and whatnot that worked in the Platforming School demos don't work the same in the newer Construct.

    So I'm wondering, does anyone know a way to create a wall-slide effect and all the sprite/character to jump from there... I'm also having trouble adding jump sensitivity so that depending on how hard a player pushes down on the X button or keyboard button asigned to jump, they'll have a varried difference in height for their jump ranging from just barely getting off the ground to their maximum jump height and between.

    There are so many things to do with this and so many bugs to fix. Any help would be appreciated, so thanks in advance.

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  • Are you using the platform movement behaviour? If you are there is a jump sustain value for variable height jumps.

    As for wall slides, you want to use 'Is overlapping at offset'. If you are using the Platform movement you can set the gravity lower to 'slide' down the wall etc.

    I don't know how others would do it, but I would use private variables, and I use private variables for everything I do. They are quite simple. You can establish a variable by selecting an object, entering the properties menu on the left and clicking 'add'. Now you can control these from events, comparing, adding/subtracting/setting etc.

  • Thanks, the private variable really helps in that case. I can get him to do a very crude wall "jump" lol.

    And yeah, I was using platforming behavior, and the sustain value helps a bit, but doesn't get the accuracy or sensitivity I need.

    I'll try to upload my file as soon as I find a file service that will host it, as I don't think photobucket will allow for it. XD

    I'll keep working on this engine, thanks for the quick feedback.

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