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  • so i was just making some simple test with a sort of top down style game. everythings going fine...

    except for one thing. havent done movement yet,but already know how to make it right, but im having a hard time with the magicam plugin. im trying to make it so that the players character stays in place and you turn the view angle with a mouse.

    ive got this to work just as i wanted, BUT theres just a tiny little problem:

    id like the player character to stay locked at the bottom of the screen,facing up,so you cant see behind you,and have as much visibility as possible to where youre looking at.

    i know how to do this (offset?) thing with the advanced cam plugin, but i have no idea how to do it with magicam. i got some weird results, but not the way i was hoping for, that is a fixed view and player character staying locked at the bottom of the screen,facing up.

    anyone wanna help with this thing?

    .cap included:

    ALSO, just noticed a weird thing. i put a tiled background in that .cap,and when testing,it goes all crazy,partially disappearing when moving around, is there any explanation to this behavior?

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