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  • Could someone please explain what the heck is going on here? Serious! I can't believe what I have to read here...

    A Construct user asks for collaboration. And everyone feels the need to post here that he should be able to do it on his own? This was not a thread asking for tips that he could follow to do it on his own. He asked for someone to join a small team as a part time job. What's so bad about it? I tell you a secret: Literally noone in the game industry works on his own. Yes even a Ron Gilbert has a team, Peter Molyneux has a team, and certainly Blizzard is a team. There's nothing wrong in building a team, where everybody does what he can do best. Some are programming, some do the drawings, others are doing animations, there's a musician and a sound engineer, etc.

    But all those self-righteous Constructors insist on someone's having to do it all on his own? Come on! Stop arguing. You think, the request is a facility, a 2-minute-job? So, why not joining the team? If it is that easy it shouldn't cost you more time than the time you spent on moaning how easy it is.

    I repeat this, because I'm really disappointed how the community reacts to this thread: This thread is an advertisement, a call to join a team. It was written kind and humble. Yet, the only reaction is being rude and bashing. You don't like that he is desperatly seeking for a team member with better skills? Well, just ignore the thread. You think, you could be of help? Well, just write a pm. But stop this ridiculous "you shall not work in teams, you shall do it on your own" manner.

    I'm fairly good in doing music. Do you expect me to bash if you ask for someone doing your game music, by telling you "I know you can do it yourself, so don't ask for someone doing it for you"?

    I never thought this community would fall that deep!

  • OK, lets add some Shake, & bake.

    irbis, what can you do?

    And yes tulamide there are other avenues, but noones going to want to work this amount of negativity.

  • I totally agree with tulamide. Some people cannot simply be programmers or graphists or so. And as a 3d artist, I see everyday in my work that you cannot do everything by yourself without investing a terrible amount of time. I mean, there are a really, really few games being done by one person alone which is distributed in the end. Although it's quite a short game and its game designer was really experienced, even Braid was done by 2 guys...

    irbis, I'm not a great programmer, but I'll try to figure out how to make a save-load system today.

  • [quote:195pzdxm]irbis, what can you do?

    [quote:195pzdxm]I do all the graphics, models, sprites, animations, the system, storyline, basic stuff in construct. My friend Ozi is responsible for all the SFX and music.

    if you reply in a thread i assume you have read it all, or at least the opening post.

    If you read the opening post you would know the answear for your question.

    so you either didint bothered to read the topic and you jump into false conclusion, or actualy you did and now you are just trying to make me look bad like i have NO skills at all and i am unable to create any assets for any game, and so - scare off any possible helpers.

    your imput is hardly an imput at all. your post cathers no usefull informations. you do not add anything constructive to the thread. you totaly ignore the thread advertisment specification. And at any civilized forums i know this would earn you at least an official warning. And if someone would dig deep enough and discover that you actualy follow me whenever i go on this forums with your constant bashing it would propably earn you even something more.

    If you really would like to help anybody or argue with me - you would write this post as a PM.

  • NO!

    I mean show us.

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  • Sorry about my earlier posts, thanks for the PM

  • Wow, what a thread.

    I think it's great to collaborate with people and if you were able to get a small team together then that would be awesome - I've been trying myself for a while, it's hard work to find people (especially coders). However I am with the opinion that 3 months is such a small space of time to study Construct or even game development in general. I've been learning this stuff for about 2 years now and I still have no fkin idea what I'm doing lol.

    I would be careful about trying to enrol people into your project, because you may have no idea what stumbling blocks you will reach 6 months to a year down the line in development and I think it's best to be prepared for it. I've run into so many problems and I'm really thankful that the people I have worked with are as patient as they are lol. I'm also super thankful for the people in this forum, for they are awesome and very helpful - this thread for example has suggestions and advice to solve one of your big problems.

    Of course it's impossible to have the foresight to predict these problems but I think what I'm getting at is that, if you've only used the app for 3 months, before trying to finish this game - I'd try just making a few very tiny games and experiments by yourself, with each little game taking advantage of one element of the game you want to make, perhaps. This way you'll really learn about the process involved with development and you will have gained a lot more experience and be better prepared to know what you need to do or learn in order to complete your main project and from that you'd be bang on to people saying, 'I need this and this, can you do this - I just need a bit of help with this...blahblahblah'

    Am I being a twat? Am I not helping anything at all? Shall I shut up now? Yes

  • People are often rude here for no good reason anyway, so what's new? If a person posts a suggestion it gets fought down, or they're told it can already be done and they're just too stupid to be able to do it on their own. Then they're told you don't know anything about programming and that's why you don't know how to do it, etc, etc.

    Irbis is right on a lot of things. He could be nicer himself, but it doesn't change that he is right on a number of things. Not everyone can program a game in every format, and there is nothing to feel bad about there. He may be a great C programmer or other type, or he may be great in a different discipline but this doesn't always translate to Construct.

    Event-based programming is a different animal, and even though it's been around for years, it's still fairly experimental. So techniques and approaches are not really textbook the way they are for language-based programming, hence all the tech demos and new techniques coming out here and with other similar programs. This is one excuse for these types of development tools not having a lot of documentation, although I still think the basics can be covered better.

    I program in C#. I came back and forth to Construct 2 or 3 times before I finally got it, and even now I'd still say there are a number of things I'm foggy on, but I can make a good full game with it if I wanted. It certainly needs some new objects, some plug-ins need to be worked on and officially added as well, and there are certain things that don't work well that will have to be worked out before 1.0 to ensure 1.0 isn't a bust. That said, it's a great program but it's not for everyone, just like any other development tool, so I don't think a person is the devil for declaring that.

  • Wow, this thread started with the wrong foot. You guys are being very rude and defensive-agressive with no reason at all. Calm down everybody!

    You can't expect to have people excited about the things you done because you haven't shown them anything! And you shouldn't get mad because they don't reply the way you wanted.

    Right now Construct is not very collaborative-friendly, I think this is why most "Looking for team" topics tend to fail. Everybody in here is used to working alone, because merging .CAP or game assets is impossible so far - therefore their advice is valid, and you shouldn't reply with that rudeness.

    Everybody that posts a topic trying to find help forgets a crucial part: SELLING YOUR IDEA. Show us what you got for your game! Main plot, sketches, concept art, music, whatever you have! I don't have enough experience on Construct to accept your offer, but even if I did have it, I would never say "OK!" without seeing the game! Since you are not offering money for people to work for you, you have to rely on their good-will and enthusiasm to work on the project!

    Anyway, if I get to like your idea and project, I can help you organize your GDDs, game ideas, design the UI wireframes and make a plan for the production to work - it's what I do best!

    What do you say?

  • Saving using the Array tool is actually easy. I'll do a tutorial in a minute. Honestly, 3 months is nothing.

  • Oh, I didn't realize what kind of save system you wanted. I didn't know you meant saving levels. The method I stated before is really easy for, say, saving the character's stats, which room he's in (like in Castlevania), and some other simple stuff which is stored in global variables and things. I see that you need something more than that, though and therefore, my response does not solve your problem.

    BTW, I do believe there are some methods to encrypt files, though I have not yet looked into this very much myself. If you work on protection of save files (character stats and such, not levels), just keep in mind that everything can be hacked and therefore it is only worth adding so much protection and putting so much effort into it. If the person can't just open it with notepad and alter stats, that might be good enough. It's up to you.

    Also, I agree with gammabeam that two people "coding" together in Construct does not work very well. You can get help from other people, but two people working on events for the same game at once is a bit...complex. You can't copy stuff between .caps.

  • "I cant do it because i know i cant do it"

    yet you don't even seem to know what you have to do, or anyway to do it and that is your problem? what kind of logic is that.

    you say that you know 100%, thats the biggest bullshit Ive ever heard, because your not even giving yourself a chance. I don't know how you expect someone to join a team when you seem to only believe in what you can do individually.

    Also, please, any request for help should show that you have a considerable amount of effort and a good idea that you can put on the table, your current attitude and lack of anything game related shows the opposite and is almost guaranteeing this wont work.

    i remember seeing this picture


    and having been very impressed, is this your work? or someone elses?

    please show more if this is the truth

  • Cool dungeon, is that randomly generated? And is it also partially 3-D with the walls?

  • Irbis:

    I'm sorry that you seem to be getting negative reactions from your original post. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to ask for help. When I'm finished writing this post, I will close this thread and offer you an opportunity to start again.

    I think the main problem was that you got off on the wrong foot with this thread. Your original post was a bit dramatic and negative. It should therefore come as no surprise that people are responding to it in a dramatic and negative way.

    That said, everyone else should be doing their best not to react in a dramatic and negative way. Some have done so, and I thank those members. Others have been attempting to give encouragement, telling you to not give up. Though it may not be what you're asking for, it's at least a positive sentiment, and I thank them as well.

    Now, how to rectify the situation:

    If you want help with a specific task, such as creating a save system for your game, then the best way to go about it would be to create a Help/Tech thread stating clearly what you want to do and how you have tried to accomplish it. Stick to the facts. Posting a failed .cap showing what work you attempted is always a good idea, it will give others a basis to assist you from.

    If instead what you are looking for is a team member to help with your project, then you need to show your work. All of it. Create a project thread and post your story outline, character sketches, sprites and tiles, screenshots, mockups, demos, music, etc. You can keep certain details secret so as not to spoil things, but there should still be a lot you can show. Tell us how it's going and where you want it to go. Tell us what you need. Make us interested. If people are interested in your project then it will be much more likely that someone will volunteer to help.

    What not to do:

    Don't play the victim. If you act like a victim then people will treat you like a victim. Saying things like "I give up, I'm at the end of my rope, this was my last hope" and whatnot is not such a good idea. You may be discouraged about the progress of your game (and it's okay to let people know that you're discouraged!), but try to keep from being overly dramatic and emotional about it. People will be much more likely to help you out or team up with you if you show you have a clear head and a definite goal that you are dedicated to. Change your attitude, change your approach. You can catch more flies with honey, and all that.

    So. You probably didn't want to hear any of that either. That's okay. I'm more interested in giving people what they need as opposed to what they want. That's how I try to help. I hope that none of this was taken as rude or offensive because it certainly wasn't meant that way. I'm just trying to keep things real.

    Now, go ahead and repost your thread. Either a Help/Tech thread asking about how to make a save system, or a Your Creations project thread advertising for a team member. Or hell, why not both? And try not to get too discouraged, if you keep at it then you'll get there eventually.

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