Isometric Cube-Game Help?

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  • I want to do this:

    <img src="">

    But I have no idea how to accomplish the isometric view, as there are caps but no explanation as to what the hell is going on in them. I also want to know how to make a 'level editor' so as when you left click a cube is created and snaps to the gridspace. And also how the system would recognise when a formation of cubes makes a structure, and cubes on top of cubes but that's a bit later. And also, whatabout custom pathfinding that isn't really bad like the built in rts behaviour which gets stupid with collisions?

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  • Examine those caps very carefully.Sometimes people make these caps with no explanations on how to actually do that particular thing.It's quite frustrating when someone post's a "tutorial cap" with no readme file on how they actually achieved this.

    I get this alot sometimes.When i ask for help then they send me just a cap.No explanations on how they did it or how some events and formulas work.Wish someone could write a comprehensive tutorial about the more advanced features that Construct has.

  • I think I read somewhere that it might be possible to use a different layer when making different heights of cubes. I also found a good pathfinding formula that places nodes in the diamond grid shape, but I didn't understand the math behind the placement of them.

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