Infinite scrolling all directions

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  • You can make an object bank by having a separate layout and keep all the objects you will create in the runtime in that layout.

  • Thanks for all of the replies. I really appreciate how quick answers are around here!

    I like Aeal's idea of an object bank on a separate layout, that's actually the way I have started to do things. While I'd prefer an object bank as well, its not a big deal to me, as long as there is a way to organize things (separate layout) and a way to destroy them (destroy on startup) then I'm happy.

    Deadeye, that's a great idea on the global variables! I will do some playing around with that. I'll have to do it for every movable object/sprite currently on the layout at the time, but that shouldn't be too bad with a For Each on each object type.

    I don't know if people realize how amazing Construct really is. I've been trying to implement this game in python/pygame and after about 3 months I was too ambitious of a project and just tedious. It still might be too ambitious, but I'm already at the same place with just a week of work.

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  • the offscreen object is a really common pattern in graphical applications.

    I agree it's not really "clean" but... even Windows does it (putting text fields outside of a form to store stuff).

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