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  • Text rendering is poorish at the mo, but not through our fault.

    We've tried alot to get it to look better, but ultimately it looks like the solution may have to wait for the new Direct-X API. We'll try more things before 1.0, though.

  • 11) I think I encountered a bug with motion blur. If I turn on motion blur (I have it set to 10x), some things in my scenes won't work anymore, like a fade transition. Instead of fading, it now just pops.

    Also, if you turn on motion blur in Deadeyes tutorial, the horizontally moving platforms aren't working for me anymore - they just stop moving.

  • 12) Here's a video explaining my problem: ... veling.avi

    I used the Wonderboy Test thingy for it.

    I'm pretty sure this is a simple hotspot / spacing issue, but I can't seem to figure it out - what's the problem here? I set the hotspot to be centered in the import frames dialog box and tried to lign it up in the sprite editor - but no avail. If my character attacks, he automatically travels back a few pixels all the time.

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  • As nice as that video is, it's really quite hard to guess what's going on without looking at your .cap.

  • 13) Okay, I either don't get a feature here or I encountered another bug.

    It's about the timeline this time:

    Basically, I want the player to run across a certain point (if player overlaps...), then start a timeline event that feeds into a textbox, so we can spin the story further if the player has reached a certain point in the layout.

    The problem is: I want the timeline to run once and then be gone. So if I go back and overlap that point again, I don't want to invoke the timeline AGAIN, cause I don't need to hear that part of the story twice.

    So there's a Delete Checkbox in the timeline event and I thought this would be exactly what I'm looking for - so if I run cross that point, it'll run the timeline parameter and delete it afterwards. Then it'll run the next timeline param and delete it afterwards, etc.

    But that's not happening. And if I re-enter the timeline object after I checked the 'Delete' checkbox, it's unchecked again.


    1) Is this feature supposed to do what I'm thinking it should do?

    2) Is this a bug or am I misinterpreting that feature?

  • The delete checkbox is to delete those timeline entries. You can select one or several items and then delete them with the button.

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