What the heck is this error? Seems sound-related...

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  • Maybe post a .cap of a simple WAV file playing not working.

  • I'm one step ahead of you. I tried that yesterday, making a NEW game, and took one of the new, converted-into-PCM-or-whatever .wav files I tried using on my game, set it to play every 1000ms, and... it actually PLAYED it every 1000ms. However, I did not get that same result in the game when replacing the "Play Music Meter Sound.wma" with "Autoplay Resource blah.wav" or whatever. I could see if this happens with ALL sounds, but I dunno. Maybe the fact that the sound object is on the test level itself, and NOT on the layout that the layout object links to for the Pause Menu might have something to do with it. ::squints, finger and thumb on bridge of nose:: Rrghh... Of course nothing works. Lemme experiment a little more... Although I know I'll just get the same result of nothing.

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  • WAIT. Waaaaiiit. I got it. Even trying with a new game, I got the same result. Even if an AudioX object is global, it cannot play sounds on a modal layout unless there's a copy of that object on the modal layout.

    I had Layout 1 play autoplay resource every one second, with a modal layout object that had the EXACT same event going, linked to Layout 2. The AudioX object was on Layout 1. When you run the thing, obviously, the modal layout object's going to be stealing the show. There was no sound. When I had it close by pressing a key, THEN you could hear the sound effects. That's the best I could explain it. Hope that... makes sense.

  • Good to know you finally got to the root of the problem.

    Sounds like it's an issue with modal layouts rather than with XAudio2. I don't know much about modal layouts though.

  • Well, of course I speak too soon. It seems after closing the modal layout and opening it back up, it can't play sounds. This is consistant even with a new .cap. It'll play sounds in the modal layout at FIRST, but opened up a second time, it can't. Well, I guess I won't be continuing with my little pipe dream after all.

  • After a bit more experimenting with AudioX, I've learned a few more things to clear up some of my confusions. Suffice it to say, the wiki is wrong when it says you only need one global AudioX object. At least for sounds effects anyway.

    I would show you guys if you'd like to see, but I'm sure it can only really work as a .exe file, and I guess no one can download anything from MegaUpload, so if anyone has any better ideas on how I can upload it or something, I'll try uploading it there to try and show you. ^_^;;

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