Grouping objects (for layout purposes)

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  • Hi there, I hope this isn't a stupid question. I'm working on a game with quite a few layers and objects and sometimes find that selecting and moving what I want is a little difficult in Construct. Is there an option that I have overlooked to 'group' objects together so that they can be moved as one (like in graphics programs such as Illustrator or Indesign)?

    I know you can shift click objects to move more than one, but I'm using a lot of normal maps so this doesn't really work well, neither does the click & drag method (buggy?). Anyway, if anyone can shed some light it would be much appreciated :)

  • Not sure about the grouping, but I know the click/drag/highlight select only grabs objects when you drag over ALL 4 points of the bounding box.

  • I've been looking for such a function/tool for a long time. I feel stupid too because I can't imagine how you can build a big project/levels without any mean to group/parent object via and editor tool.

    If none exist I guess building/editing your levels in photoshop is the best/only option.

    So many dash in that post... trololol

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  • Unfortunately Constructs editor wasn't designed for this kind of grouping. Most users who need that kind of functionality have opted to create their own editors. If you do a search on the forum, you'll probably notice quite a few topics on the matter.

    If none exist I guess building/editing your levels in photoshop is the best/only option.

    Actually its not a very good option if you plan on importing large images into the program. Construct works best with many smaller (optimized IE p^2) images.

    Its not very time effective, unless you use a custom editor, but on the other hand, smaller images used as multiple instances do not add to vram once the initial image is imported.

  • Oh thanks now I can stop searching for it.

    Ya you're right about the texture size. I guess I meant using modularity to the max, like building a couple forest tiles of 256 x 256 instead of a bunch of tree objects, just for manipulation efficiency.

    My shift+click folder idea doesn't work either since you can't create more than level 1 folders hierarchy in the project tree.

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