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  • Hi everyone. I'm trying to import animations into a sprite, which are .png frames exported from the animation software, Synfig. I am able to import about two full animations (each with opposite directions) and can preview the frame, but when I try to import another full animation and attempt to preview, the progress bar always stays at 27% for about five minutes, until this error comes up:"Construct encountered an error in the display engine. Please report this problem to the application developer. Failed to create texture (0x8007000e)" I've tried a few other formats besides .png's, but nothing seems to be working. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  • See if you can Import the first set(the one that worked) more than three times.

    Then start construct again and try importing the one that failed.

  • Okay, I tried what you said and the error came up after importing the first set a third time. It seems if I just import any third animation the error comes up. The loading times for me are also pretty long. I don't think .png's are really big, but is there another picture format that might be better? Any other ideas? Thanks.

  • how big are these images?

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  • Each is about 60 KB, with around 30 frames per animation. Is that way too much for Construct? I've tried a couple other formats such as .bmp and .jpeg, but still got the error message.

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