Encryption of graphics files

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  • Arima, you aren't quite understanding which textures would be put in VRAM. Let's say you have a huge game level or world. All your character animations and everything around you is in VRAM. As you walk through the world, everything X distance around you gets put into VRAM and stuff beyond that is dumped.

    I know that's what you meant. I guess I'm not explaining myself clearly enough - my point is that would require a lot of manual coding to tell the game when to stream textures to VRAM, not that construct can stream textures at the moment anyway. Although, I suppose there could be a default "automatic" mode that could have a user definable setting for how far away the object should be before streaming its texture, and it could be adjusted for the max speed of the character.

    My point is if you are making something like a sonic game, or a game with teleporting, you could go faster than the textures could stream to the card, so you'd have to set that up manually somehow. You'd have to tell the game when to load stuff - which is sort of what you're doing by creating objects.

    Either way, this discussion is kinda pointless, because without the ability to stream textures it doesn't really make a difference.

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  • lestar. I don't think anyway here is disputing that. But there is a difference from letting the certainty of death come to you naturally and openly waving a weapon at police or jumping off a bridge.

    Besides there's never been a case where someone stole graphics, and didn't get successfully sued.

    idn't someone in this very forum get their game "reused" and had someone make a profit off it?

    I just remembered I made a user custom map creator that uses 999 frames as placeholders for the user to load their own sprites, adjust them at runtime, and it was made to let them set the neccessary values for 3D collision for 2.5 so that it worked in game. I didn't plan for VRAM issues at all with this, but it works in like 1-2 simple events with loopindex and simple image manipulator events.

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