Draw Distance (for pseudo 3D)

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  • Is there at this point any way to change the maximum draw distance?

    I ask because I would love to create a 3D game in the style of Dave's Maze (Wolfenstein 3D style). Infos about my wishes can be found here: scirra.com/forum/topic61520.html

    Now, everything works perfectly. I'm completely ok with the simplicity of the 3D world and I love that it's all basically done in 2D space. But the limited drawing distance is killing me.

    I found this thread, but I don't understand the proposed solution and if its applicable to my problem: scirra.com/forum/topic61520.html

    Is there any way to either change the draw distance or at least fake some kind of "fog", to elminate the "pop in" effect?

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  • Okay, nevermind, I just found out that the draw distance is a lot further than I thought and the pop-in was caused by how the layers were set up.

    I'm sorry. I've worked on this problem for days now and now that I finally decided to seek help I find the solution myself... ;)


    It would still be interesting to know how to do fog! If it is possible at all, that is.

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