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  • I didn't play much myself, but the one I mostly played was in the late Sierra's Hoyle Puzzle Games (which included Contraptions : The Incredible Machine too)

    Actualy, I'm making an advent calendar composed of little games. One new every day. It's the second year I do so, but the games aren't petty long or big. I expect this breakout to be one of the biggest.

    And as it, I plan to reuse it to make more levels and publish a second version on another day in december too.

    What're you doing right now?

  • [quote:3ua2xa1e]

    Actualy, I'm making an advent calendar composed of little games.

    Ah, nice idea

    I'm more a Survival horror/Adventure/RPG/weird stuff kind of guy

    So i'm trying to make some survival horror, inspired by Clock Tower (snes). So, it's not a ghost shooter remake xD , and it's side view.

    Actually, it'll probably be more adventure/horror, i don't even plan on making weapons. Never been a fan of shooting games.

    Ok, it's my 1st game, so don't expect miracles I know what i want though, but now i've run into a dumb 3DBox clipping issue -_- Goota fix that or hide it...

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  • Oh, I like RPGs and Adventures too. Well, as my avatar shows, I'm a fan of Zelda.

    I don't like shooting games either.

    Actualy, when a game begins to have lots of coding, I get lost and forget it. :-/

    I'd like to make big games, but lots of them are still waiting for bugs resolve, time, and motivation. ;-D

    But there are people who can program or modelise 3D things for hours, without getting lost, tired or bored. Maybe you're a person like that. Then, as my friend, you'll succeed in doing any kind of thing on a computer. Though if you're like me, you may need a certain amount of luck to be able to finish the making of med-size game without getting crazy!

  • Well, i like to learn new things

    But my biggest drawback in making this game is my lack of comprehension of mathematics... i'm more a litterary/art/music person, so mathematics are ... errrrm.

    Programming is ok, as long as it doesn't involve horrible equations :\

    now, i'll just see where it will go! it sounds fun to code (somewhat simple) Enemy AI (errr? kill kill)

    Even though i'm using placeholders (Like Jennifer From clock tower haha) for graphics, maybe i should some screenies sometime? I don't know...

  • I don't like maths that much either. I don't like maths, but I'm good at them.

    Same for french. ;-D

    People also told me I was good at teaching. But I don't like that at all. In a classroom or such, I feel like I know, and like they know nothing. Very boring.

    But AI sounds cool actualy. Though, I don't ever notice it when I make so! ;-D It just seems like a bunch of events in an event group, as always.

    Have fun with maths in game creation cause...that's probably the only place where you'd need things like how to calculate the area of an octogonal pyramid. I mean, really, we learned so much of those totaly useless things. We could have learned them only when - and if - we actualy wanted to make video games!

  • Okay, I got another problem with another advent game. This time, putting the events in reverse order don't seem to resolve anything. :-/

    It's a memory game (and yes, I'm making games for children

    As you can see, first you flip two cards, they aren't identical and they flip themselves back (if they're identical, no matter, they'll flip back anyway cause I didn't program that part yet). Then, you try to turn a card again, shakes. You must click a few times until the card flips.

    Someone has an idea of what to do?

  • Tried it.


    + System: Is global variable 'retournees' Equal to 2

    -> System: Set global variable 'retournees' to 3

    -> Wait: Delay 1500 ms

    -> Yellow: Set animation to "0"

    -> System: Set global variable 'retournees' to 0

    This seems to work... Duuno if it's goo, i just woke up xD <-- Edit : LMAO i guess i'm not awakened yet lol

  • I'm always impressed to see that totaly random stuff can resolve my problems!

    Thanks again dude!

    I often wake late too (9h00 is my recent earliest). But you see, you can figure out such problems while being tired, being not a programmer, and being making your first game with Construct, when I am...not tired and making my <big number here>th game with Construct.

    (I'm not programmer either, that is...)

  • [quote:jv0xompd]But you see, you can figure out such problems while being tired, being not a programmer, and being making your first game with Construct

    I trained Jesus.

    Seriously, i don't know what was wrong. I just noticed that, after flipping 2 cards, when they flip back again, and you click on 1 or more card(s), the variable 'retournees" wanted to increment (or at least change) again, but then went back to zero... You can't see this in the debugger though. I saw this because i added a text object to your file :

    [quote:jv0xompd]+ System: Always (every tick)

    -> Text: Set text to global('retournees')

    Since retournees was being suspicious, i set it to a value that isn't tested by any condition in the code... and it worked (obviously, no events can be true while retournees is set to 3).

    Just call it "Pillow Logic"

    [quote:jv0xompd]and being making your first game with Construct

    First game ever i guess... but i wrote my website in Php back in 2003... never touched it again since lol There's only 1 page and maybe 3 functions in there... Still, iexplore can display it right while firefox has no problem.... pffffffffffffffffff i can't be bothered fixing these css issues.

    Wanted to make websites at that time, but i found out it was very boring, so i just gave up.

    But the thing is, people always say 'start with simple things'... i just start with things a bit more complicated. I can't seem to be able to make simple things

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