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  • Hi! recently i took a look over SDK because i need some Plugin what leaks on CC, is about creating a PLUGIN like Box but instead drawing a box this must draw a circle. My troubles starts when i try to find some DX9 functionality what helps to achive this, if some one had worked before over a plugin, please i need some help there.

    help is about what is the list of functions used by contruct, essentially that, any other help still is welcome.

    Circle plugin is needed for many reasons, and i think many other people will like it...


    PD: Sorry for my english!

  • renderer->

    that's where most/all of the drawing stuff is

    also check drawing.cpp in other plugins on the svn to see how they did it.

  • thanks lucid I gonna check it


  • You could use the canvas object, and use some trig to draw a circle, or paste an object, and then update the collision mask.

    Note: there is no way to fill something that's drawn.

    You might even take a look at the canvas object itself, and see if there was a way to add a circle function.

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  • Hmm interesting! i check it too... well i said a separated plugin for circle because exist a VRAM issue with the canvas Object, when it too big spend VRAM dropping FPS rate, idea is using circle plugin i.e. for a range marker in the LOS behavior or Turret behavior when you selects a unit using 'em, and some times range is about 1000x1000 pixel, so many canvas of that size hurts FPS, but stills i'll check canvas code if possible add circle drawing there!

    Thanks for suggestions!

  • You might also want to give this effect a try:

  • that so cool!, thanks i was looking for this, i'll delay circle plugin, i gonna experiment with your ellipse fx...

    ^_^ <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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