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  • Greetings,

    I just started using Construct (latest stable version) and there are some things I really can't find an answer for, so I hope someone can help me out.

    I'm making a game that's sort of similar to Chart Wars, so I used "new application" option instead of "new direct x game", and there are few things that are missing compared to direct x option for which I haven't found an answer. So, this is what I'm wondering:

    1) How to set an image as a background? I found only "tiled background" option on forums and tutorials, but like I mentioned I can't find it in Construct.

    2) When I run my application to see if things are working there are "traces" (well, it looks more like a shadow or foot print of a button) of buttons from layout1 appearing on layout2 when I switch layouts - is there a way to remove those? (well, they only appear if background color is different, so there's a workaround for it)

    3) I've put 2 text objects in the layout and when I run the application they appear in a sort of white square (compared to my green background) tho text color is same as it was set in the construct. I played around with transparency and other options but can't find the way for them to stop appearing.

    Well, that's it for now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be back soon with more questions.


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  • ANy sprite can be used as an background

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