Controls Not Registering?

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  • Hi. New here, just got into this program. Playing around with it before I do any serious projects on it, making some practice games and such. I'm really liking Construct so far, though, among the best creation tools I've played with, and very easy to get the hang of compared to some alternatives. I've been looking through the Platform School tutorials by Deadeye, and they've helped out a lot.

    Of course, I wouldn't be in the help forum if I didn't come across a snag. I've been trying to come up with my own custom controls. I've set up "Action 1", "Action 2" and "Action 3" as additional custom controls. "Action 1" is bound to "Shift".

    My current guinea pig is the beloved Mario, currently in the form of a sprite with platformer behavior. I opted to go this route instead of the invisible player with sprite attached route because I could edit the collision masking with no issues at all.

    I also have an event page called "Controls" that is used as an include on the game layout's events. The "Controls" event page looks like:

    <img src="">

    The problem is that the "Control is down" conditions aren't working for this event page. I have a title screen layout ask for that same "Action 1" to be pressed, and it detects it there to move it on to the next layout, but it won't work for my sprite controls. The only things that work are the standard standing, walking, jumping, and falling animations. The control inputs, no dice.

    So, more-intelligent-folks-than-I-am-clearly, what am I screwing up? Forgive me if this has already been answered but after searching a few hours for the answer I have come up short. So please... help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!

  • Maybe im not answering on your question, anyway, here's couple of thoughts:

    Is it normal that if i pressed jump only for a moment, and before i am again on the ground my speed is 150,200 again, right in the air?

    And for animation of running - in classic Mario games your animation speed start growing up as you gaining speed, and in your case to get animation run i need to hold shift at least for 2 seconds?

    If your animation of walking and jumping is the same, only anim.speed is vary, why dont you use only walk animation, with condition like "animspeed=mario speed/100(or 200,300, any other)"?

  • custom named controls are broken in the last two versions

    I anticipate them being fixed in the next version or so, though, since they were working before, and it's a pretty serious issue

    if you use the default named controls like "Move Left" and "Jump"

    i think those are still working

  • Actually, after a few more tests, it would seem that none of the controls are registering. After taking out the walk condition altogether and then changing "Move Down" to "Move Left", etc..., it would seem that none of the controls are registering for Mario. Which is weird, because my custom controls register for a title screen conditional but not a sprite update conditional.

    Also my control events are set up just about the same way as Deadeye's Platform School tutorials, and his work just fine. Plus with my title screen utilizing a custom control it makes me think that maybe it's something that I'm doing wrong and not Construct.


    Boy do I feel sheepish! I needed to copy the MouseKeyboard object over to each layout I wanted to use it in. Now it's working like a charm. Thanks for your help anyway, guys!

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  • I needed to copy the MouseKeyboard object over to each layout I wanted to use it in

    Just make it global in common properties

  • Smarter idea. Good call. Everything's working pretty well now, at least as far as being a beginner at this goes.

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