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  • Say SpriteB is in SpriteA's container, can I have like 10 instances of spriteB for every spriteA?

    does it let you do that? or can you only have 1 instance in a container

    Here is a beautiful image showing what I'd like to achieve

    <img src="">

  • you can either

    1.create 10 seperate identical objects which are coded with a family (not too great a method, but it works, and you can easily pick on demand.)

    2.use the pairer plugin to pair 10 instances which each object. (don't ask me how; I don't use it a lot, but that's what it's meant to do.)

    3. spread a value and pair them according to the value. (not very flexible mind you)

  • Unfortunately Containers only contain one instance of an object per container.

    Any one of Davios's methods would work for this.

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  • thanks

  • I'd go with pairer object, the other methods look a bit hacky.

  • Pairer object is a bit difficult to work with. As a tip from someone who's battled that eccentric object: don't mix families and objects. This alone will save a ton of time spent on the pairer object.

  • seems to be fine for me so far. I won't be reffering to the family and the pairer thing at the same time, so I hope I won't have any problems down the road.

  • No, I meant this: "Do not pair objects and families. Always pair objects with other objects, families with other families, but never mix objects and families." This will save you from big trouble.

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