Construct and 64-bit Windows 7, odd sprite behaviour

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  • I'm experiencing some very odd behaviour... I think it may be linked to 64-bit windows, and not a bug in construct perse, as it happens in every version I've tried, even very old ones, but never occured on my old laptop (running 32 bit vista and then win 7).

    Anyway, the bug(?) is, after editing any sprite with a width less than 16, the sprite is squashed vertically. This is particularly annoying, because 16*16 is a very useful sprite size.

    It even happens when going back into an old .cap. The sprites will be fine until "edited", where upon saving, they will become squashed - so it's something to do with the sprite editor? Sprites imported through the animator will also be fine until edited.

    Can anyone using 64-bit windows 7 (or maybe vista too?) check this out/confirm it?

  • I'm using 64-bit Windows 7 and haven't had this problem. You sure you clicked "Make 1:1"? That's all I can think of :T

  • It's more likely a graphics card driver issue than the bit-ness of your operating system - try upgrading your drivers.

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  • Just updated the graphics card driver, bug persists.

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