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  • Here is a simple example:

    Note that the texture MUST be power of 2 in order for image offset to work.

    Of course you can save those offsets, I'd use hashtable and string tokens, like this:

    Hashtable Key: "BigBadMonster"

    Hashtable Value: "128,32,64,64"

    The value is a string, you can compose it like this 128&","&32&","&64&","&64

    So when you read the value at key "BigBadMonster", you use the GetToken expression to get values (it is a string, so there is int() function to convert into number):

    Tileset: set Width to int(GetToken(Hashtable.Value("BigBadMonster"), 3, ","))

    Tileset: set Height to int(GetToken(Hashtable.Value("BigBadMonster"), 4, ","))

    Tileset: set image offset to int(GetToken(Hashtable.Value("BigBadMonster"), 1, ",")), int(GetToken(Hashtable.Value("BigBadMonster"), 2, ","))

    This way you get exactly what you want - the texture of 64x64 at 128x32 within TiledBackground.

    You can spawn as many tiled background objects as you want ,I guess, doesn't seem to be that big of a performance hit. Or you can use the Canvas paste method. The texture remains the same, so you don't use up extra memory by using multiple instances of Tileset (TiledBackground object).

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  • ... ects=0&d=1

    Here I modified a little bit the file so it draws the tiles in a more grid snap way, but didn't really understand how to write and read the map created :

    Also I'm starting to doubt the usefulness of this, even if we manage to make a good tile map creator, it will only be a text file that the game after started will read and then draw the scene. Unless there were a way to make the drawn map appear later on the editor...

  • Thanks Mipey! This is indeed much better than using sprite objects for graphic tiles, and will make selecting multiple tiles much easier.

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