how to close a cgui window?

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  • I know it's in the early stage(probably abandoned tho), but it's awesome, so I would like to use it in my animation editor.

    Without any documentation it wasnt easy even to find out how can I display something, but I dont have a single idea how to use the window widget's close button.

    I tried this, but nothing happened:

    + System: Start of layout

    -> InputSystem: Set mouse position to X:Window.X+Window.Width/2 Y:Window.Y+Window.Height/2

    -> CGUI: Load layout "unnamed.layout" with widget "" as parent

    -> CGUI: Widget "windowww" set event to On mouse move over (sender, left, top)

    + CGUI: On Widget "windowww" mouse move over

    -> CGUI: Destroy widget "windowww"

    Of course this should close it when the the mouse is on it, but it didnt worked also. Ideas, anyone?

    Edit: also I have no idea how to retrive any of the properties, this is a lot more important because the scrollbars are useless if I can't.

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